Use Your Truck to Make Money on the Side

Have you ever hidden the fact that you own a truck from friends and coworkers to avoid the constant requests to help with moves, yard work, and everything else where a truck comes in handy? If you’re looking to make an extra buck, maybe you should be advertising your truck ownership instead of hiding it.

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Here are some ways to make your truck work for you:

Take People Off-Road

Mountain climbing hobbyists, naturalists, photographers, hunters, and all sorts of other people may have a desire to go deep into the wilderness off-road or on difficult to traverse dirt roads. However, most people don’t have a truck that is equipped for this kind of dirty work.

It’s not always easy to rent a truck to perform these kinds of tasks. Provided your truck has four-wheel drive and sturdy, you may be amazed by how much you can earn bringing people to places that their vehicles can’t get them.

Help With Moves

Moving companies are often more than people want to deal with, but most people may appreciate a truck and an extra pair of hands. Advertise your services as a small, convenient moving service and help people move their stuff for a charge.

You can still make it well worth your while by taking a smaller amount than a moving company would have charged and fitting the job in around your workday or on the weekend. It may be very easy for you to load up your truck with somebody’s stuff and move it, but it might have been a real challenge for them and well-worth what they pay you.

Start a Landscaping  Company

If you maintain your own landscaping and you have a truck, you probably have everything that you need to start a simple gardening business. Landscaping work can be done in the evenings or weekends around regular work.

You may be surprised by how much you can make doing this kind of work, especially if you develop any particular skills or have specialized equipment. It doesn’t cost much to start if you already have a lot of the equipment that you need.

Use Your Truck to Your Advantage

Trucks are much more than a way to get around. If you’ve ever been pestered by people who want to use your truck, you know just how many ways they can come in handy. By being creative and equipping your truck properly, you can find all kinds of ways to use it to turn a profit for you around your regular job.

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