Use Store Brands To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Use Store Brands To Save Money At The Grocery Store

If your grocery bills have skyrocketed, you’re not alone. Some name brand products are going up in price. Others are keeping the prices the same but just giving you less. Either way, it’s becoming more expensive to feed your family.

One way people are easing the pain at the register is by switching to store brands. This method saves you money and requires no extra effort on your part.

If you’re considering making the switch, rest assured that consumer reports have shown that many shoppers actually prefer the taste of store brands.

As a bonus, prices can be as much as 25 percent lower, which is certain to sweeten the taste.

If you’re looking to make the switch and save on your grocery bill, read the following some tips to make store brands work for you.

Start With Paper Goods

You can like your current brand name paper towels, but have you tried the store brand towels? If switching saves you money, why not give it a try? Disposables are the easiest things to change in your house without feeling much of a difference.

Graduate To Simple Foods

You can save money without sacrificing much, if any, flavor by buying store-brand items like cashews, pistachios, cheese, cranberry juice, orange juice and trail mix. The less ingredients in the food item the less likely there will be a change in flavor.

Try Out A New Flavor

While the national brand may be familiar, you can break the mold and step out of your familiar habitat by trying something new. It’s a great opportunity to grow and teach your kids to be open to new experiences. You never know, you might like it.

Set Up Your Own Taste Test

Not all brands are created equally, so have your family participate in a blind taste test to see what they like best. Include your favorite brand and the store brand equivalent to see if anyone notices a difference and which one they prefer.

Compare Labels Between Brands

If you’re already thinking about changing brands, take some time to compare labels and look at information like calorie count and nutrition. You may find that the store brand is healthier than the name brand item.

Recognize Tricks Name Brands Use

Often, companies add sugar or salt to make things taste better. Those two additions can be disastrous to your health. Instead, stick with the store brand and add your own salt or sugar, but just enough to taste good.

Take Note Of Which Items Are Store Brand

One easy way to find the store brand item is to look at the price and the label. It will be cheaper and won’t have all the fancy graphics and packaging. If you still need help, remember that Target goes by Market Pantry, Walmart has Great Value and Costco has Kirkland Signature.

Don’t Give Up

Taste has a lot to do with familiarity, so it’s reasonable to think that you will grow to like a product. Give your taste buds time to adjust and you may find that you learn to appreciate store brands.

What Store Brand Items I Buy

  • Ketchup – Heinz ketchup is expensive, but the store brand is $1 cheaper and tastes just as good.
  • String Cheese – I don’t notice a difference in the taste and it’s another $1 in savings.
  • Peanuts – Forget the Planters brand, peanuts are peanuts. I buy a large store brand bag that costs the same as a smaller Planters one.
  • Lemonade and Orange Juice – It’s hard to get lemonade wrong. It’s sugar, water and lemon / orange juice.
  • Corn Flakes – This one is hit or miss. But I get the Target brand corn flakes and actually prefer it over its name brand rival.

Do you buy store brand products? If so, which ones do you like and how much do you save? I’d love to hear how people are saving money buying store brand items.

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