Top 4 Financial Apps For Managing Your Money

Top 4 Financial Apps For Managing Your Money

Did you know that you can use your shiny new smartphone to save money? You can do a lot of financial related things with your phone – such as check your investments, seeing the balance of your bank account, keeping track of your expenses and planning a budget.

It can be a challenge to stay on top of your finances when you’re on the go, but luckily for you there are some smartphone apps that help you do just that. Here now are the top 4 financial apps for managing your money while traveling.


If you want to manage your bills this is the app to get. With Pageonce you can track your bills and pay them right from the app itself. This makes bill-paying much easier than dealing with a stack of bills and writing checks like the not-so-good old days.

Chase, Bank of America, etc.

Your bank most likely has a mobile app already. No other app is going to give you the kind of access than your own banks’ app will allow. With their app you can do pretty much everything, including: check your balance, cash a check or pay your bills.


If your goal is to stay organized and up to date on your finances then this app is just for you. With this app you can do it all. If you have investments, you can watch and track their status. If your goal is to save money then this app helps you cut your spending. If you’ve got bills to pay this app will keep track of their due dates and make the payments for you.

Credit Karma

Being on top of your financial life isn’t just all about checking your balance, bills and expenses – it’s about checking your credit report as well. The Credit Karma app now lets you view and monitor your credit report right from your phone. So even while you’re on vacation you can see if there are any errors on your report or check to see if your credit score has changed recently.

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