Ready, Set… SAVE on your Holidays!

Every year the holidays tend to creep up on us. All of the sudden, it’s time to buy and exchange gifts and you are left to figure out how to pay for it all in-a-pinch. We understand howeasy overspending in the moment of gift giving can be.

Here are some holiday saving tips from The Blaze Mastercard team to help make holiday spending a little more budget-friendly.

1. Create a budget and list

Do you tend to have buyer’s remorse from lack of planning and accidental overspending during the holiday season? Plan and conquer by budgeting! Jot down your gift list. Your list should include who you are buying gifts for and your ‘goal’ spending limit for each person. Having your plan in place will help guide you into making budget-conscious decisions and reduce impulse spending. Make sure to track your spending after going shopping to make sure you haven’t gone over budget.

2. Draw names instead of buying gifts for everyone

This is an easy way to ensure that everyone gets a gift and no one overspends. Prior to your gift exchange, get together with your group and draw a name to purchase a gift for. Set a limit of how much you would like to spend and everyone can participate.

3. Make your own presents

Feeling crafty? Try making your friends and family something unique. This is a fun andeasy way to give something thoughtful.  Check out local community classes or online sites such as Etsy for inspiration. Invite a friend to join the fun!

4. Buy gift wrapping necessities after the holidays

Consider waiting until after the holidays to buy wrapping paper, bows, and name tags while they are on sale. By stocking up ahead of time, you can get all your gift wrapping essentials at a fraction of the price.

5. Consider looking in to airfare and skip the presents

Discovery time! Many times you can find cheap airfare and lodging during the holiday season. This is a great opportunity to explore a new place and make memories, rather than spending too much on presents.

6. Don’t pay shipping fees

There are many places that offer free shipping to your home or free in-store pick up. If you are looking at a gift from a company that doesn’t offer free shipping, try looking around at other merchants for the same product (minus the shipping fees).

7. Lastly… start saving sooner for the next year!

With a little planning in place, it really can be easy to save. Save a little money each month and easily build a solid start fornext year’s holiday season.

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