5 Ways To Make Real Money With Your Car

5 Ways To Make Real Money With Your Car

You have a great source of income that is staring you in your face — your car.

We often think of our car as a financial liability because it’s expensive and gas costs a lot of money. However, you can use your car for many side jobs that will drastically increase your yearly income. You might be able to produce a full-time job with your car when you consider how many uses it has.

Most people will tell you to save money by using your car less and taking public transportation more frequently. Although this is true, I believe you should use your car more often to make more money. Here’s how:

Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

Drive around with someone’s logo on your car and get paid. If you have a daily commute and your car is in good condition, you can get paid up to $700 per month for being a moving advertisement.

Once your car is approved, it will be completely wrapped in the advertiser’s logo and information. Then all you have to do is drive and get paid.

Sporting a full decal of a random company might be maddening to some people. If you care a great deal about what your car looks like, advertising on your car probably isn’t the option for you. Luckily, there are many other ways to make money with your car.

Resources: Wrapify, Carvertise

Give People Rides

You can make plenty of money by driving people to their destination. The current renaissance of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have made it possible for any reliable driver to make money by simply driving. This takes away the unknown factor of safety when hopping into a random taxi.

Employment with Uber is a great option. Perhaps you can start your own local company that transports people to the airport or to work. You can also find people who go to the same places at the same time as you, and have them pay you to carpool. There are many profitable options when it comes to giving people rides.

Resources: Uber, Lyft

Rent Your Car Out

If you want to make money with your car but don’t want to do any work, consider renting it out to other people. This is a great option that requires minimal effort. All you have to do is drive your car to a specific location, such as an airport.

You can also rent a car on these services and then drive with Uber.

Resources: Turo, HyreCar, Get Around

Make Money As A Delivery Driver

Have you ever wanted something from the store, but you didn’t want to go out? Many people experience this problem, and you can be the solution. This option isn’t a surprise, considering many people deliver pizza. But there are many goods and services out there that don’t have an instant delivery option.

Plenty of start-ups are trying to solve this problem, and you can be a part of it. You also collect tips when you deliver to people’s homes, so that’s a plus to consider as well.

Resources: AmazonFlex, UberEats

Help People Move

The bad part of owning a truck is that everyone asks you to help them move. The good part is that you can make some serious cash doing it.

People don’t want to hire moving companies because they’re expensive. You can be the cheaper alternative and still help people move efficiently. I’m sure an ad on Craigslist will be enough to entice people to call you, and before you know it you’ll have a nice little side job on the weekends.

Resources: CraigslistDolly, GoShare

Don’t lose money by not utilizing your car. It is a great — and often overlooked — asset that can significantly increase your yearly income.

5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Real Money With Your Car

  1. I have known about some new administration called TURO where you can lease your auto by stopping it at significant air-plane terminals. It sounds insane to me, yet a few people are profiting with it!

  2. When at the Home Depot in my town I saw in the parking lot someone had miscalculated the size of the patio furniture they purchased when thinking it would fit in their SUV. I was there with my small 1981 Toyota truck so I asked if they needed some assist. I hauled the furniture to their house and they offered me $20. I often think that there could be a little side hustle in this.

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