Are You Programming Yourself To Be Poor?

Are You Programming Yourself To Be Poor?

Did you know that people constantly repeat messages to themselves?  Think of this as some sort of soundtrack people play to themselves either all the time or are as a response to certain common signals.

In fact, we do this so often that it is very easy to lose track of such messages. They are so common, so prevalent, and so deeply embedded in our minds that we often think they don’t exist. But they are there, and they are very powerful.

Try it out yourself. Do this mental experiment: Close your eyes and pretend you are at the mall, and some merchandise you really like are on display. What messages do you send yourself? Now try this one: your friend called you over to his new 8000 square foot house because his business just expanded. How would you feel? What messages play in your head? We place ‘mental tapes’ all the time. They help us deal with all sorts of situations and give us the power to cope and adapt.

However, there are ‘good’ tapes and ‘bad’ tapes. Bad mental tapes enable us to program ourselves to be poor. That’s right-no one consciously wants to become poor but there are certain mental programs we play that push us to poverty. Avoid the following common bad mental tapes so you can avoid programming yourself to be poor.

I don’t have money or I can’t afford it

This very common response comes into play when you come across a product you really like. This is also triggered when an investment opportunity presents itself. The problem with saying flat out ‘I don’t have money’, or ‘I can’t afford it’ is you are depressing your personal will to afford it. You are closing the doors of possibility to situations where you can raise money to buy the product or buy into the investment.

Instead of automatically shutting yourself from the possibility of enjoying the product or benefiting from the investment, why not say to yourself ‘how can I afford it?’  By phrasing the question this way, you end up challenging yourself to come up with solutions instead of just closing the door to the possibility. See the difference?

I will always be broke or nothing will ever change

Life is a test. It is a series of challenges. The good news is that we don’t lose this contest unless we quit. Unfortunately, too many people think that just because they have very little or no money saved up at the end of the month, this means they have failed and will always be broke. If you run this mental tape long enough, there will always be no cash left at the end of the month. You are shutting yourself off from the possibility of changes to your financial condition.

In fact, this message is so powerful that even when opportunities present themselves and your cash situation does change, you don’t enjoy it fully and your success will likely not last long. You have to allow yourself to feel that you deserve to have financial comfort in your life. If you don’t do this, you are just programming yourself to lifelong financial struggle.

Life is tough

Many people play this tape in their heads. It is normally a response to setbacks and disappointments. Unfortunately for them, they fail to realize that setbacks are almost always temporary. They have another chance tomorrow. Tomorrow is worth looking forward to and one can get a lot of hope and strength from that.

But by saying ‘life is tough’, a person doesn’t feel hopeful. A person doesn’t get strength from the possibilities of the future. The truth is tomorrow always brings opportunities for your personal finance, you just have to claim that potential and looking forward to it. By saying and resigning yourself to the statement that ‘life is tough’ you rob yourself of future financial victories.

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