9 Ways To Make Money Off Old Electronics

9 Ways To Make Money Off Old Electronics

If you have an old smartphone, laptop or other electronic device sitting around, and who doesn’t, you could be sitting on a potential goldmine. Well maybe not a goldmine, but you could have up to one thousand dollars sitting around collecting dust. Why not make money off them?

Some items, such as the first iPhone or the original iPod are valuable, especially if they’re in good shape and you have the box.

But unlike valuable antique coins, most of these electronic items depreciate in price rapidly. I still have one of those old Nokia cell phones, a Palm PDA and an old Dell computer that are all now worthless. I could have sold those items for a few hundred bucks back in the day.

Now I don’t let that happen anymore. When I upgrade my laptop, smartphone or camera, I make sure to sell the old one right away because the more I wait the less I’ll get.

So how do you sell the gadgets and gizmos you no longer want? Here’s 9 ways.

List It On eBay

You can set up an eBay auction to sell your old electronics if you’re willing to go through the hassle of shipping it. Use the search function on eBay to find similar items to get an idea of what listing price to go for.

Filter the search results to look for items that have been sold recently so you can see what you can realistically expect to get.

Remember that eBay charges for listings, so make sure you use the fee calculator to see how much it’ll cost tout your item up for sale.

Expect to give up 10 percent in fees to ebay, another 3 percent to PayPal and then your packaging and shipping costs.

Sell It On Craigslist

If all the ebay fees have turned you off to that idea, perhaps an in-person sale is better.

You can post a free ad on Craigslist and then meet a prospective buyer in person to handle the transaction.

In your ad, be sure to include high quality  photos, a detailed description and as much important information as possible to attract buyers. Be prepared to field additional questions via email.

The downside here is that you have to meet people in person, which takes up precious time from your day. But on the bright side, you’ll get cold hard cash and no fees whatsoever.

Sell It To A Local Resale Shop

Electronics repair shops often buy damaged or broken devices to repair and resell. Sometimes they just want the pets.

You can personally go to one of these stores and offer up your entire collection of goods. It’s a very fast way of getting some money out of your old junk.

You will not get top dollar this way, but it’s a surefite way to get rid of a lot of tech junk and come out of it with some gas money at least.


EcoATM is a kiosk typically found in shopping malls. This service pays cash on the spot for broken or used devices. You just enter the information about your old phone and then ecoATM gives you a value.

If you like what you see, agree to the transaction and the machine will give you cash as soon as you drop your phone in the slot.

Sell It At A Yard Sale

If you have multiple items to sell, hold an awesome garage sale and get rid of them all at the same time.

Keep in mind though that you will not get very much for your items at a yard sale. But it doesn’t hurt to take them out and see what kind of offers you get.


Gazelle focuses on Apple devices and smartphones. They have a 30-day price guarantee and they accept broken gadgets too.

If you happen to be selling something the site is looking for, you can get a quote from the home page to start the process.

I’ve personally used Gazelle before to purchase used items. They give you great deals, which implies they don’t pay you much for your items.

But if you don’t want to bother with selling it yourself, this is a great option to get money for your items fast.

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation does just that, it salvages your gadgets and puts them to good use again. Unlike Gazelle, this is a site that takes nearly any device in any condition.

You can get a quote on your item and payments are quickly processed.


Decluttr.com aims to help you de clutter your house by buying your unused tech.

You can type in the items you want to sell in order to get an instant price quote.

Once they receive your item they’ll check out the condition and send off your payment.

You might not want your old tech anymore because it’s not the latest model. But others might not care and will gladly use these gadgets.

There’s most likely a Goodwill or Salvation Army store nearby who will gladly take your old tech.

How is this a way to make money? Well, your donation to a non profit is tax deductible so there will be done tax savings come April.

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