9 Creative Yet Frugal Date Ideas

9 Creative Yet Frugal Date Ideas

Dating doesn’t stop when you get married. All couples need a little romance and even if your budget is tight you can still find ways to get out and enjoy yourselves while rediscovering the romance in your life. With a little creativity you can successfully pull off a cheap date night.

Here are 9 frugal ideas to get your romance fix for less.

Dine In

Really make your night special by cleaning the house and setting the stage for romance. Clean yourself up, get dressed up and make a special meal. You can either pick a recipe that’s new and exciting or one of your partners favorites. If you hate cooking, grab take-out from your favorite restaurant and serve it on your good dishes. Include some background music, dim lighting and a candle for better ambiance.

Go Out For A Night On The Town

There are plenty of things you can do locally that don’t cost a lot of money. Whether you attend a comedy night, a concert or even just an open mike night at a bar, there are plenty of fun and nearly free things to do. Do a little research ahead of time and you may luck out with a free night at the museum or an event at a local college.

Go Out To Eat

Eating out doesn’t have to always be expensive. Pick a less-known restaurant that’s off the beaten path for great deals or go to restaurant.com before you leave to get a discounted gift certificate. Even upscale restaurants have cheaper options that are affordable without a voucher. Dine mid-week to get the best deals.

Have A Game Night

Go to a video arcade if you know of one locally. There you can play some classics like Pacman or you can play air hockey or pool. If you want to stay in, play the Wii or compete on a game on your tablet or smartphone.

Catch A Movie

You can have a romantic movie night at home for much less than the cost of theater tickets. Re-create a movie experience with chilled drinks, a big bowl of popcorn, your favorite candies and a couple of movies from Netflix. You can even snuggle up together under a throw blanket and add a glass of champagne for extra romance.

Head Outside

Go outside together for an adventure. Bring a map, your cell phone and a small first aid kit just in case. Pack a picnic lunch for bonus points. Explore an area you’ve never been before and enjoy the thrill of discovering new things together.

Go On A Morning Date

Agree to meet up at your local coffee shop for drinks and muffins. The impromptu date won’t cost a lot and heading there separately may make it seem like you’re dating again. Best of all, you can continue your day from there.

Go Star Gazing

Gather binoculars or a telescope, a map of the stars or a smartphone star gazing app, some blankets and a thermos of your favorite drink. Set yourselves up in the backyard and stare at the stars together while you try to pick out the constellations, planets or watch for falling stars.

Have A Picnic

You can make a picnic inexpensively and you probably already have the things you need in your house. Pack up your favorite munchies, go on a nice hike or bike ride and enjoy eating your lunch outdoors. Bring a cloth to sit on and enjoy talking while you nibble your selections.

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