8 Ways To Save On Household Appliances

8 Ways To Save On Household Appliances

A broken appliance is one expense every homeowner dreads. Whether it’s your washing machine that gives out or your refrigerator that fails, there’s nothing quite as bad as having to replace a major appliance in a hurry.

Almost no one accounts for this type of expense in their budget, so having an emergency fund for these types of expenses can help, but knowing how to save on appliances can keep the unexpected expense from wiping out your hard earned savings.

Here are 8 ways you can save on appliances.

Purchase Cosmetically Damaged Items

Scratches, dents and dings are just minor superficial marks that won’t affect the functionality of the piece. However, they will drop the price dramatically which means big savings for you. If the blemishes really bother you, you can usually put a bit of paint on it or use a dent remover to fix the flaw.

Look At Closeout Models

Just like with cars, older models are often put on clearance when the new years models come in. Because the appliance is no longer the latest and greatest, many stores put them off to the side and mark them down. Sometimes the older model will be nearly identical to the newest one, but at a fraction of the price.

Check Out A Rent-To-Own Store

Rent-to-own stores often have models that have come in off a lease that need to be sold. They price them low to get the piece off their hands which means great deals for you if you’re willing to buy a used item.

See If The Store Will Price Match

When you need an appliance you should always shop around. Bring ads from other stores and look online to get the best price. Once you’ve found the lowest sticker price, head to your local store and have them price match so you get the best price and great local service.

Ignore The Bells And Whistles

While having a lot of features may seem neat, consider each feature as something else that can break. Only choose the options you really need and will definitely use to avoid having unnecessary components that break and cost money to repair.

Fix Your Current Appliance

You can always save money on a new appliance by not buying it in the first place. If your current appliance is repairable, you’ll probably save money fixing it rather than replacing it.

Taking steps to maintain your appliances yourself like cleaning out the refrigerator coils or leveling your washing machine can help extend the life of your appliances too.

Comparison Shop

Go to your local Home Depot and find the exact product you want. Then, type in the model number in Google to find the lowest deal online. You’ll find that on practically everything, Amazon.com or Walmart will have the lowest price. Not only that but they each also offer free shipping.

Buy Refurbished

When an item is refurbished, that means it previously had a problem that has since been fixed. Thus, the item is like new but better because it’s actually been fixed and tested.

When buying refurbished, be sure the store has a return policy and that your item has a warranty of at least 6 months.

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