7 Things You Should Buy Generic

7 Things You Should Buy Generic

When you think you can’t trim your budget any further, there are still ways you can probably cut back and save a few dollars. Buying generic is one way that you can save on the things you buy anyway without sacrificing quality or quantities of goods. Generic products are supposed to be the same as their brand-name counterparts with little to no differences, and sometimes generics can even be better.

Check out this list of 7 things you should buy generic to discover ways you can cut your budget back even further.

Over-the-counter medications

Pain relievers, allergy medications and other over-the-counter medications can be expensive, especially for name-brand products. Unfortunately, most of what you’re paying for is the easily recognized name and fancy artwork on the box. Instead of buying expensive brand-name medications like pain relievers, try the generic alternatives and feel good about the savings.


If you’ve been sucked into the world of bottled water, you might be paying too much. Instead of opting for the fancier bottle of Poland Spring or Aquafina, give the store band a chance and you probably won’t taste the difference. Want to save even more? Keep the jugs and fill them up at a friends house who’s water is superior to your own.


Milk is pretty much the same across the board unless you’re buying a specialty milk made from soy, almonds or another material. If you’re buying generic white milk from a cow, it doesn’t really make a difference if you choose the name brand in the light-blocking bottle or the cheaper store brand in a regular plastic jug. It all comes out of a cow, so do yourself a favor and choose the cheaper milk.


Margarine is so processed and artificial that it really doesn’t matter if you choose a name brand or a store brand. They are exactly the same, they will function the same and they will probably even taste the same, so why not substitute your butter substitute and save a little money in the process?


Bleach is one of those surprising products that people feel they need the name brand version of. Why this happens is a mystery, since bleach has a very specific chemical formula that must be maintained or it isn’t bleach any more. Sure name brand bleach can have designer fragrances added, but some store brands rise to this challenge as well.

Household cleaners

Most household cleaners are just marked-up versions of things you already have on hand anyway, so why spend more for a fancy label in a trigger bottle? If you really don’t want to tackle cleaning with vinegar, baking soda and other common household goods, at least choose a generic cleaner that will save you a little bit of money. It probably won’t have the overpowering scent of the pricier version, but it’ll still get the job done. After you get used to the scent being gone, you may even be ready to tackle some DIY cleaning solutions.


Almost everyone expects spices to be expensive, so a lot of people don’t bat an eyelash at spending over 5 dollars per bottle. However, if you look for off-brand spices you can get them for a fraction of the cost and still have the flavors you love.

Once you’ve tackled the generic versions of these 7 items, see what else you can find to add to the list. There are plenty of generic versions available for almost every household item, so the next time you’re at the store, give some love to the generics and keep your pockets a little fuller.

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