6 Tips on How to Earn Money Growing Herbs In Your Backyard Garden

If you like using herbs in your household and cooking and you already have a couple of pots growing on your shelves or a window box, earning money from herbs may be just a thing for you.

Select your range

Think of the herbs you prefer using primarily in the kitchen as it is where most people need them. Do a little bit of research online, have a talk with people at your local market, or simply have a stroll and see what it is people buy the most. Use your knowledge to come up with a couple of herbs that are used in households. Now that you have your base of the most popular herbs, throw in a couple of exotic ones to make your sale more interesting and to appeal to those who think themselves adventures.

Sell your herbs

You grow herbs, you sell herbs. It can be as simple as that… Be creative with the pots you use, plant them in little jars or cans, something that will look cute and rural. This is what most people want. They want to feel like they are doing something the same ways their great-grandmothers used to do as it is wildly believed that everything people used to grow back than was healthy. Show them how they can start a small garden on their own. Offer seeds to sell for those who have some experience. Add compost, perhaps some of the cute pots you’re using and a card with instructions on how to grow a certain herb. Some of the customers may feel like they want to do it themselves and will see you as their herbal guru.

Stir it up a bit

This is a good way to increase the price without extra investments. Dry your herbs and sell them in spice jars. Make mixtures of spices as people may prefer to buy them from you rather than buying the mass production ones from a supermarket. Mix different kinds of tea, label them so people know what each mixture contains and what it is used for.

Herbal Products

Depending on how much time and resources you have, you can widen your offer by making herbal products. You can make certain products fairly simply. Some of these are home-made herbal oil, soap, honey etc.

Think of the ways to advertise and sell

Once you break into the market, it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep your customers. People interested in a healthy lifestyle and natural products usually tend to stick to what they know is good. This is what gives you a great advantage, your product is unique and they won’t be able to find a similar one in every supermarket in your area. They will have to come back to you. You can start selling at your local farmer’s market. Visit restaurants in your town and present your offer. Research to find businesses making herbal products and see if you can strike a deal. With a type and size of your business, a word of mouth is the best way to advertise. However, do not underestimate the power of social networks, set up a page and give a greater number of people a chance to see you.

Make it a growing business

If you have a successful start you should think about spreading your garden. There is only so much you can do with pots. Set up a greenhouse. This will give you an advantage not only in size but also in time. You will have your herbs ready faster and before others do. Since you are growing healthy products, please make sure they are organic. Make your own compost, use organic fertilizers and pesticides. When it comes to a watering system, you don’t actually need one. Hoses, hose reels and possibly a couple of sprinklers will do the trick. Manual garden tools will suffice.

Every idea at birth needs a great deal of creativity. Brainstorm with your friends, think about packaging and all the potential uses. As with every business, brand image is very important. Create a logo and a motto to have a story which will steer you in a certain direction and make you recognizable. With this in place, more ideas will start rolling. Good luck!

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