5 Clever Tricks To Plan a Dirt Cheap Vacation

Unlike 50 years ago, today the world is so much connected that plains fly to even the most secluded of places and trains travel from one place to another in a blink of an eye. Although all this innovations and technologies once were the topics of sci-fi novels, today they are our reality and not the cheap one at that. Your destination might not be an expensive place to stay, but the travel costs to there could be worth a couple of your salaries.

Or the vice versa, you could get cheaply and easily somewhere but barely being able to remain in that place for a day due to its expensiveness. So what to do then? Well, here are some clever tricks how to afford the vacation you wanted and not be denied a chance to enjoy new landscapes and cultures.

One of the main features of the dirt cheap vacations is that you have to be ready to compromise. This means that you have to check the budget you have and how to fit your travel and accommodation arrangements into it. Being flexible with the departure time, type of airline you’ll use and the destination is one of those things you have to keep in mind when travelling on a budget. Also, you might have to go to a cheaper hotel or stay at some distance from the centre of all events and happenings. But this doesn’t mean you can’t visit great places just that you have to be flexible with your preferences.

  • Spend your money wisely

Planning your budget is important if you don’t want to stay out of money in the middle of your trip. Inform yourself what to expect when it comes to the museum and gallery fees, drinks at the local pubs, transportation services and nightlife. Your budget depends on the reasons why you are travelling to a specific destination. Instead of buying souvenirs which are usually quite expensive, bring your family and friends something authentic like some sand from the most beautiful beach, fridge magnet or some widely used produce by the locals.

  • Some things have to go

Be prepared to sacrifice some parts of your vacation in order to have one at all. Read the guides and find out if the museums and galleries have free or discount day, or simply choose to see those that don’t require fees. Be more oriented to the street food vendors and stores than the restaurants, since those can be a trap for the tourists. Instead of doing laundry at the hotel, wash what you need by yourself. If you are a communicable person, join with other tourists in exploring the art and culture since group tours can be cheaper. For example, if you’re travelling to Thailand you can use 1000Trees services to find appropriate accommodations, but you will have to save on the plane ticket then which tends to be really expensive.

  • Work and travel

There is the very popular option among the young generation called Work and Travel. This is not exclusively for the Millennials and even applies to an older population, depending on the demand and requirements of the job. This is a perfect opportunity to experience different countries and cultures and still afford to have the basic needs covered, as well as some other things which many travelling on the budget wouldn’t be able to. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be careful how you spend your money, on the contrary, and unfortunately, you still do, but it sure provides you with some closer insights in what you can do being that you’re something between the tourist and a local.

  • Go to less known places

If you want to go to France for example, research it completely since Paris is not the only place worth visiting there. You can choose a smaller settlement near capitals or most wanted destinations and travel then travel to experience the tourist attractions. But also, there are places which can be interesting to experience and are not that much promoted due to the lack of luxury or tourist profit. You can go camping and on hiking tours or enjoy the sea on secluded and less popular coastal places. Another option is to the network of travellers like Couchsurfing for example and experiences the first-hand hospitality from the locals.  


Money is the main reason why people don’t travel or decide to spend time in their country of residence. While it’s commendable that you support local tourist offer, the world is full of wonders and amazing places which would be a shame to miss. At least today it’s not hard to inform yourself on all the possibilities and advantages to travelling to remote or popular destinations while being on the strict and restricted budget.

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