4 Tips For New Grads Wanting To Land Their Dream Job

4 Tips For New Grads Wanting To Land Their Dream Job

It can be quite a daunting challenge to land a good job in today’s economy. Graduates who end up getting the job of their dreams usually have the right connections or they’ve attended one of the top universities in the country.

Millennials with a college degree aren’t typically unemployed, but they are most definitely underemployed, often finding low wage employment in jobs that don’t fully utilize their talents. In order to avoid becoming another statistic, you need to do everything in your power to be the most qualified individual when applying for a job.

Just having a four year degree isn’t enough to get you the job you’ve always wanted right out of college. Sure, it’s great to have a degree, but job recruiters are looking for something else, they’re looking for something that sets you apart from every other recent grad.

So how can you improve your chances of being hired? Read on for the 4 tips every job seeking new grad needs to hear.

Get An Internship

Many recent graduates take a break after graduation. Buck the trend and instead apply for an unpaid internship position.

Don’t be tempted into taking a low paying job in order to pay off your student loans. You may find that you’ll end up stuck there, trying to work your way to the top.

Most of the prestigious jobs at major companies won’t want to hire you right out of college. So maybe a better idea is to get a great post-grad internship and then apply for your dream job later.

Create A Profile On LinkedIn

We hear about the pitfalls of social networking when applying for a job. But you can use the professional social networking service LinkedIn to actually help you in your job search.

Job recruiters use LinkedIn all the time to look for prospective new hires. Not having a profile on LinkedIn as a recent graduate is career suicide. Create your online presence on LinkedIn and add your achievements, education and career experience.


When you’re done creating your profile on LinkedIn, it’s time to begin networking. Start adding people in your desired profession and make real connections with others. Don’t just add people in bulk, but communicate and engage with them. Each connection you make has the potential to change your life.

Attend any local workshops and network with other like minded professionals. The more relationships you can curate the better. After all, you can’t be well connected if you don’t have many connections.

Get Certified

You may think that the rigorous college courses you took properly prepared you for employment. But that’s not always the case. They gave you the knowledge you needed, but not the on-site true experience that’s actually required in order to get your dream job.

Get certified in the job you want to apply for first. The knowledge gleamed from this experience will help you not be overwhelmed when and if you are hired. As an added benefit, you can make quite a few connections during the certifications process that can help you land the job of your dreams.

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