11 Companies Leading The Way In Online Trading

11 Companies Leading The Way In Online Trading

When it comes to investing in stock market, strategy matters most. If you are new to the stock market industry, that strategy includes choosing the best online trading site with easy to use tools and customer support. In this article, we have compiled a list of 11 companies leading the way in online trading based on our research.


OptionsHouse ranks top among the best online stock trading companies. The company was launched in 2006 to make the stock market more accessible to first-time and non-professional investors is interested in trading their own stocks in an easy-to-understand atmosphere. It offers trades with the lowest fees than any other online trading site. Its’ platform is customizable to allow you select and focus on the aspect of trade that interest you most.


Fidelity is a well-established name in the online trading industry. The company operates online as well as offline. Its online platform is easy to understand and provides a wide range of analytic reports, graphs, and charts for in-depth research of securities. It has several branches in multiple states, which provide in-person advice and investment counseling. It offers trades with competitive fees, retirement planning assistance and an online searchable knowledge base.


TradeKing is another leading online stock trading company. The company offers a wide range of investment tools, calculators, graphs and charts to help you buy stocks online and manage your account. Their education center is stocked with relevant resources to teach all you need to know about trading styles and investment. When you become a member, you are placed on a network that connects you with other traders.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is also a well-established name in online stock brokers. The company’s list of investments includes bonds, options, stocks, CDs and mutual funds. The company’s $0 minimum balance requirement, no-transaction fee mutual funds, large selection of commission-free exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and good customer service, make it a strong candidate for beginner investors and IRA account holders. It is also a good candidate for seasoned traders because of its premium trading platforms. Its only downside is higher trade commissions.


E-Trade is another good online trading company that meets the needs of both beginners and seasoned investors. It offers a wide range of investment options, including futures and forex. Forex and trading options are riskier and involve advanced trading than other investments. The company has three online trading platforms which include E-Trade PRO, E-Trade 360 and mobile platforms.


optionsXpress is recognized as the leader in online stock trading and one of the best online brokers. The company offers a wide range of investment options and investment vehicles that many other companies do not offer. It also offers a list of comprehensive trading tools and educational resources to help you understand everything you need to know about trading and investment. These tools include charts, risk and volatility calculators, analyst research reports and streaming news.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers both traditional banking and online stock trading. The company’s trading platform comes with a wide range of tools to assist in your trading decisions. Their platform includes all of the tools you would expect from a leading online trading company. There is a customizable desktop with option chains, charts, level I quotes, level II quotes, alerts, graphs and watch lists. One downside about this company is that its platform does not support automated online trading.


Scottrade is an established online trading company that meets the needs of both beginners and advanced traders. Their pricing is straightforward and does not charge extra fees for account inactivity or maintenance, making it a good option for investors. There are four different online trading platforms which you can utilize including OptionsFirst, Scottrade Elite, Scottrader, and Scottrade.


Firstrade is another respected name in online stock trading, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and options trading. Their online trading fee is $6.95 while broker-assisted trade fee is $19.95. They have extended trading hours making it a good option for many investors. Its online stock trading dashboard is well organized making it simple to use. Firstrade site allows you to make trades and get quick information without the need for opening another tab.

The TradeStation

The TradeStation has an intuitive and easy-to-use desktop platform. You can customize it to make your stock trading and research easier. There is a streaming ticker which shows real-time quotes. With its tiered pricing for options, stocks, and other equities, you are able to get better values as you continue to trade on the platform.


SpeedTrader also falls in this list of twelve companies leading the way in online trading. The company offers trades at competitive rates, lower than the biggest players in the industry. With its web-based DAS Trader platform, you can perform research, create option chains and watch lists, and order trades. The company’s mobile trading platform is supported only on iOS mobile devices.

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