10 Tips For Having An Awesome Garage Sale

10 Tips For Having An Awesome Garage Sale

Have you ever gotten up early on Saturday to go bargain hunting and wondered how much time actually goes into preparing for a garage sale?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about having your own garage sale, but the effort and time required seemed intimidating.

Remember that what you look at as trash may be just what someone else is after. So you may as well have a yard sale to clean out your home and make some money in the process.

Here are 10 tips for having an awesome garage sale.

Make A Plan

Set a date, gather the items you want to sell and sort your goods. Now that your space is decluttered you’ll be ready to purge the excess belongings to maintain the organization you’ve always dreamed of.

If you can’t declutter everything at once, make a goal to do it slowly throughout the course of the year, putting sellable items in a box out of the way.

Get A Space Ready

Before you set up your sale, mow your lawn and weed the flower beds to make your home more inviting for customers.

Park your car elsewhere and make sure you leave plenty of room for shoppers to get in and get out with ease.

You can’t make sales without customers and customers can’t find your yard sale without advertisements.

Start by making signs using bright colors and minimal text. Hang them around your neighborhood and on the main roads leading to your street.

You can advertise online too on Craigslist to get even more local customers.

Get Help

Running a sale by yourself is hard. At a minimum you’ll need one other person to help so you can take breaks throughout the day. The more eyes you have, the better.

Remember to never leave money unattended and always have someone there ready to answer questions and make deals.

Make Shopping Easy

Look at your set-up from the point of view of a customer. Can you easily find items that are alike? Is everything organized? Is everything easily accessible? Are the prices clear?

Make Pricing Easy

When you set your pricing, sell items at whole numbers only. If you price things at $2.99 or $3.75 you’ll end up having to carry around a lot of change. Make it easy and keep it simple.

When pricing your items, add a dollar or two to everything because you’ll surely be haggled down a few dollars on everything.

Be Respectful Of Shoppers

Getting followed around at a sale is the number one complaint most bargain hunters have. Make your customers comfortable by avoiding being a stalker.

You can also keep drinks on hand if its hot to help encourage them to linger.

Have Bags On Hand

If you have a lot of small items, clothing or other odds and ends, be sure to provide bags for shoppers. That way, they won’t have to carry a bunch of items in their hands and they’ll be more likely to pick up additional goodies.

If you’re selling clothing or if the sale is nearly over, consider a fill-a-bag special to get rid of the last of your inventory.

Be Flexible With Pricing

Part of the fun of a yard sale for customers is the haggling. If someone is interested in an item, but doesn’t want to pay full price, hear them out and be prepared to lower the price, especially if an item isn’t selling.

Be more flexible about your pricing later on in the day. You want to not only make money, but get rid of your stuff so you don’t have to haul it to a thrift store.

While making money is great, at the end of the day all you really want is to get rid of your stuff.

If you have items that don’t sell (and you don’t want to host another yard sale) donate them to charity. Get a receipt and enjoy a tax write-off for your charitable contribution.

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  1. We had a garage sale last year and I must say what a blast because we sold almost everything. We sold the items in reasonable prices and we love interacting with people.

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