What To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards

What To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards

After every Christmas season your stockings are surely full of presents you certainly appreciate, but do not necessarily want. If you receive an ugly sweater with no gift receipt your options are limited. But if you get a gift card you don’t want, you have several options. You can use it, trade it or sell it.

Use Your Gift Cards

If you receive a gift card that you don’t want, you can still choose to use it. Visit the store online and see if there is anything they sell that interests you. Since the person who gave you this present has already spent their money on the gift card, you really shouldn’t throw it away. Another way of “using” your gift card is by re-gifting it to someone else who you think will appreciate it.

Trade Your Gift Card

Finding someone who wants to trade gift cards with you is a daunting task. You can ask your friends or relatives soon after the holidays but I doubt you’ll have any luck.

But you can now trade your gift cards online with ease. Sites like CardHub.com and PlasticJungle.com are popular sites where users can list what gift cards they have and what they want in exchange for them.

GiftCardRescue.com is a good option if you want to trade your gift card for an Amazon.com gift certificate. The reason being that they will give you an additional 5% if you opt to get paid in the form of an Amazon gift card. If you choose that option they will email you a claim code for you to use on Amazon.com.

Sell It

By far the most popular option when you receive an unwanted gift card is to sell it. There are a variety of sites that create a seamless process for you to sell your gift card and get paid. Some sites pay via Paypal, others pay with a check and yet others can offer you Amazon gift cards.

Some of the most popular sites to sell your gift card at include GiftCardCastle.com and CardPool.com. Another site, ABCGiftCards.com will offer to give you more than any other site for your gift card. They can also pay you via Paypal and will even reimburse you Paypal’s processing fees.

Finally, the most common way of selling your unwanted gift card is by using the tried and trusted method of eBay.

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