Top 5 Budget Vacation Tips

Top 5 Budget Vacation Tips

During a global downturn, travel becomes a privilege that few of us can afford. However, if you have some vacation time ahead this summer, then by carefully budgeting and planning you can enjoy a fantastic summer vacation. Below are our top 5 tips for budget vacation:

Fly Rather Than Drive

Driving used to always be more economically viable than flying. But that is not always the case. Depending on the cost of gas at the time of your planned trip, it may be cheaper to fly, not to mention faster. When driving, you’re incurring not only the cost of gas, but on vehicle maintenance fees as well.

Use online gas calculators while planning your trip, then compare them to online flight prices. Obviously the more members of your party on vacation, the higher the airline fees will be in comparison to driving though. If you’re going cross country, then you may be surprised to see that flying to your vacation location may now be cheaper than driving. Just remember to book early to get the best prices and leave the car at home for a great vacation on a budget.

Purchase Separate Travel Insurance

When buying vacation package deal this summer, ensure that you are not getting the price bumped up due to travel insurance. Most vacation packages these days will include a travel insurance policy that you often don’t need and often won’t be the cheapest deal. Have a look at your checking account or credit card; some holders nowadays include travel insurance. However, if you don’t have cover elsewhere, then shop around.

Almost all package vacation deals will be more expensive then what you could source yourself so do comparisons. Tell your agent that you don’t want their included cover and use the savings to buy your own for a fraction of the price. Just ensure that the cover is adequate for where you’re going (i.e. Europe, Asia etc.) and that it covers your whole family.

Take Your Own Food With You

If you are driving to your own location then taking your own food with you is always a great idea for a budget vacation. The costs of food in popular seaside locations especially can be very expensive. Take foods you can pack in tightly and won’t go bad during the drive. Take lightweight food with you and avoid heavy tins. Remember though that you are on vacation so stay away from taking the kitchen sink with you.

Go To A Warmer Climate To Spend Less

If you’re vacationing on a budget then going to a warmer climate is the best option, especially near the sea or lakes. Warmer climates often have more free locations such as sun bathing, swimming, walking, cycling and will generally leave you feeling more refreshing. Avoid more expensive locations such as cold skiing resorts or rainy places where you will spend more money indoors. This will ensure you don’t go over budget this summer.

Pack Lightly For Flights

If you are flying to your location this summer, then try not to take too many clothes to stay on budget. Airline baggage fees are getting higher each year so take less than ever before. Try leaving behind heavy shoes, irons and bulky books. Even better try leaving suitcases behind by taking a smaller bag and not having to check in. This can significantly reduce the costs of your flight. Remember, you’re going on vacation, so as long as you can pack your swimwear than your good to go.

By carefully planning your vacation, following our tips and staying on top of your budget you and your family can enjoy an amazing trip this summer.

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  1. Amy @ JobCred CV Builder

    Great tips. In my experience, travel insurance and extra charges are automatic when you book with travel agencies. I therefore opt to buy my airline tickets online.

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