Do You Need Interim Management?

Interim Management is a field whose star is undeniably in the ascendant. With many businesses facing times of crisis and change, forces acting on them including the ongoing migration of retail from the high street to the internet; changes in business laws; and the ongoing situation that is Brexit, it’s no shock that businesses are looking for specialists in facing uncertainty.

You might be looking on at this trend and asking yourself if it’s just another fashion, a flash in the pan, or if your business could benefit from the skills of an Interim Manager. It’s worth thinking about, as paying for the skills of one of these specialists is a considerable investment.

This is a helpful guide for you to help you make that decision: is today the day I call an executive search firm and get help from an Interim Manager?


The most important thing is for you to have a clear aim in mind. If you don’t know what you want to achieve, at best an Interim Manager won’t be able to help you and at worst a less principled consultant could take advantage of your unfocussed goals to charge you for months while not providing any substantive help.

Write a list of goals you’d want an Interim Manager to achieve for you, or a picture of what you’d want your business to look like after they’ve worked with it. You can use this as part of your interview or recruitment process: talk through your aims with the prospective Manager, and discuss how they’d achieve them. This will not only help you to judge who is right for you, but also give you a valuable insight into what is possible.


One of the strengths of Interim Managers is that they are by nature temporary: once they’ve done what you need them to you can dispense with their services quickly, without a costly redundancy process. You need to identify if the situation your business is facing is a long term change you need to hire new talent to deal with, or a something you only need a brief injection of additional talent for.


Whether it’s insight into a market you want access to, or processes that let you change and optimise your business for new circumstances, a good reason to hire an Interim Manager is that you’ve recognised a hole in your knowledge that you’re trying to fill. One of the great advantages of looking to Interim for these solutions is that they add knowledge to your organisation: once they’ve gone the new processes and insight remain.

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