How Young Drivers Can Lower Their Insurance Premiums

How Young Drivers Can Lower Their Insurance Premiums

It’s no secret that young drivers insurance premiums can be painfully high – it’s a sad fact that drivers under 25 are more likely to be involved in an accident than an older driver and this statistic drives up the cost of insurance.

There’s no escaping the reality of harsher premiums as a young driver, but many new drivers just accept that there’s nothing they can do to effect just how much they get hit by them. Happily, this is a fallacy and there are a number of things you can do that will help drive down your premiums.

Here are three ways young drivers can lower their insurance premiums:

Drive Safely

The most obvious is, of course, to drive safely. For those hitting the road solo for the first time the rush can often lead to the temptation to be reckless: choke back this urge if you want to keep your premiums down and avoid having to make a claim early on in your insurance policy. You should also be wary of picking up bad habits such as using your mobile phone behind the wheel that can get you hit with a fine if you’re caught and push up your premiums.

Get Good Grades

Younger drivers who are still in school can get a discount on their auto insurance policy by getting good grades. The insurance companies know that students who get good grades are more responsible than those who don’t. Thus, the good students are less of a risk while on the road. The lower the risk the lower the premiums.

Be A Second Driver

If your parents are drivers, consider asking them to be a second driver on your insurance policy: having a second older and more experienced driver on your policy can bring premiums down. Alternatively you could become a named driver on their insurance policy for the same effect, but you won’t be able to build up a no claims bonus this way.

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