How To Live On A Fixed Income

How To Live On A Fixed Income

Many people live on a fixed budget. For most, living on a fixed budget and trying to make ends meet can be a struggle at times. With some simple and easy planning measures coupled by a back-up plan for those emergency situations, you can more easily live within your budget and avoid falling into debt. Here now are some tips on how you can live on a fixed income:

Regular Budgeting

Developing a budget is absolutely necessary if you live on a fixed income. The fact is that you have a limited amount of income to spend every month, and you must pay for all of your expenses with this limited amount of money. If you spend more money than you make, you will fall into debt. A budget should take into account all of your sources of regular income as well as all recurring expenses. In addition, you should also include expense categories for those extras that you and your family need regularly. This may include clothes, shoes, haircuts, doctor’s appointments and more. While these are not required expenses, you inevitably do have to spend money on these things. Because of this, they should be included in your budget.

Reducing Expenses

In order to live more comfortably on a limited income, it may be necessary to reduce spending. After you have developed your budget, you may have learned that you regularly spend more than you have, or you may have learned that you are just barely making ends meet. By reducing expenses, you can find extra room in your budget. This extra money can be used to save money for a rainy day or simply to cover for emergency situations. Consider options to reduce expenses such as refinancing your car loan or home loan, consolidating debts, reducing your cell phone or cable services and more.

Saving Money

Many financial experts recommend that everyone have at least three to six months’ worth of expenses saved into an emergency savings account. If you do not have a savings account and live on a tight budget, it can seem almost impossible to save up this large sum of money. However, when you budget for the future, you simply cannot account for every situation. Emergencies will arise, and they can be costly at times. Whether you can save only a few dollars per month or are able to save several hundred dollars per month, establishing and funding a savings account can help you to more comfortably live on a limited income.

A Backup Plan

From time to time, many people will find themselves short of cash. When this happens, you may find yourself debating about whether to pay the water bill or the cable bill, to borrow money from a friend or some other option. These are tough decisions to make, but these are not decisions that you have to make. Short term loans are available to help you make ends meet when you do fall short on money from time to time. Quick short term loans are even available with an online loan application, and they can provide you with cash within a very short period of time.

It can be stressful to live on a tight budget. However, with proper planning and saving, you can decrease the stress of your financial situation.

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  1. tony lee

    I have to agree, that a great way to live on a fixed or set income is to limit your expenses and spending in general. I think that it is very easy to spend money and the key is not to spend to much on the needs and wants in your lifestyle. Great advice!

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