How To Find A Recession Proof Job

How To Find A Recession Proof Job

The recession has hit the jobs market hard. In times like these job security is an important topic. Many industries are suffering because when Americans are low on money they limit their discretionary spending. Some job markets that get hit hard are housing, cars and entertainment. It makes sense that when times are rough the last thing people think about is upgrading to a new home, getting a new car or going to concerts.

But there are markets that never downsize. These jobs are considered recession proof jobs. Some examples of jobs that are always high in demand include anything in the health care industry such as nurses, physical therapy and medical billing and coding. Other jobs that don’t suffer due to the recession are law enforcement positions. There will also be jobs aplenty in emerging fields like mobile technology for example.

So how can you find a job that is recession proof? It’s actually the same as you would find any other job. However since there are so many others applying for the same position, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Here now are some tips on what you can do to land a job in this economy.


Think of your resume as your first impression. You always want to make a good first impression. Your resume should show that you are a motivated individual. A good resume shows what you can do for the company, rather than what the company can do for you. Resumes should also be updated every few months. If you’re using the same resume you used last year, it needs to be revamped.


Submitting a generic resume to various employers is not the right mindset. Companies want to know that you want to work for their company specifically and you can show that by spending a little extra time on your resume submission. Tailor your resume to each different employer. If the job description stated they want someone who makes good sales, mention your sales experience and accomplishments in your resume. If the job description stated they want someone young and hungry, then emphasize your youth and your motivation.


In times when it’s tough to find a job you might want to consider expanding your education. If you’re being passed up on jobs by others who are more qualified than you are, then become equally qualified yourself. You can get a certification in your field with a private company or at a local community college. While it will hit your pocketbook, those expenses are tax deductions.

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