Cutting Down On Credit Cards The Easy Way

Cutting Down On Credit Cards The Easy Way

Nobody likes stopping the gravy train. When you get used to a steady flow of gravy during meals, it will be very hard to suddenly stop. The same applies to credit cards. Using plastic for purchases gives you money you don’t have. Well, we all know this isn’t true but that’s how your brain processes the act of whipping out a credit card at a department store or restaurant to pay for stuff or your meal.

As much as we hate to admit it, our minds become accustomed to  and addicted to the whole concept of ‘free money’ using credit cards. Since this is a subconscious thing, we often aren’t aware of how we view certain habits. Things just happen ‘automatically.’ The truth is, we have more control than we care to admit. We can control what we think and we can control what we act on. It all starts with awareness.

Gradually Stop -One Thought At A Time

The easiest way to do something big is to start small. Just like the old Chinese saying, a journey of thousand miles starts with one step, the journey to a life with less credit card debt starts with  one small step. What is this small step? Focus on one credit card for your purchases. Use the card that has the no interest or the lowest interest. This will be your go-to card. Now that you have selected a card, you will have to learn how to use it strategically.

21 Days To Strategic Card Usage

If you are reading this article, whipping out your credit card to pay for stuff is an automatic response for you. It has become a habit. You might be feeling frustrated. You might be feeling powerless as you become aware and recognize that this ‘unthinking’ way of buying stuff is burying you in credit card debt.

The good news is that you can undo your habits. You just have to do the same stuff for 21 days to either make a new habit-good ones-or lose old habits-presumably bad ones. It really is that simple. So if you want to get off the automatic credit card purchase habit, you need start on day one by being very conscious of what you are buying and what you are buying it for. Ask yourself: ‘do I really need this? Do I have enough cash to cover it?’ If the answer is no on either question, don’t buy. If you have the cash to buy it, use cash.

Resist using plastic for 21 days. Go through these questions every time you find yourself in the checkout section. Using this 21 days, you will quickly realize that avoiding using plastic is easier than you previously thought.

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