Careers You Can Have Forever

Careers You Can Have Forever

It’s unfortunate to see people who are aging in the workforce be forced into beginning a new career. Such events are becoming more commonplace nowadays. Sometimes industries go on the decline and employers have to make cuts. Other times workers age and can no longer handle the heavy workload. So when choosing a career it’s important to choose one that both has longevity and that you can continue to work in well into your 60’s and beyond.

Choose one of the careers on the list below and you can possibly stay with the same employer until you decide to retire.


There will always be a demand for teachers. Currently there are lots of job cuts in education but this cannot last forever. The good thing about the teaching profession is that it’s a good fall-back career. You can get a bachelors degree and if you can’t find employment in your expertise you can try and become a teacher instead.

The teaching profession isn’t one that requires much physical work. Thus teachers can and often times do work well past retirement age.


No matter how much technology advances people will always need to eat. There needs to be someone who creates and prepares meals for restaurants, schools or parties. If you love to be in the kitchen preparing meals, this might be the career for you. As long as people love to eat and hate to cook, there will always be a demand for chefs.

There’s no age limit for being a chef. An older chef will have experience on his or her side over a young chef. Unlike many other occupations, there isn’t much of a stigma against older chefs.

Tax Preparer

As long as there is the IRS people will need their taxes done. April is the busy month for this profession but people have tax issues the entire year. You can work at places like H&R Block once you have your certification or you can even start your own business.

As long as you stay in the know about the latest changes to the tax law you can continue to offer your services for as long as you want to continue working.

Health Care

While other industries may come and go, the medical profession is here to stay forever. There’s a wide variety of health care jobs with an abundance of opportunities including: registered nurse, home health aide, medical assistant and pharmacist.

Jobs in the health care field are in high demand and workers can and often times continue to work into their 60’s and beyond.

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  1. favi

    Its unfortunate to see such job insecurity these days. We need to be smart when making carrier choices now. I’ve seen a lot of my friends going into the health care field and becoming nurses due to the job security.

  2. tony lee

    It`s amazing how many jobs are lost around the world, and having a job in one of these fields is going to keep you in a healthy living style and a wealthy one for that. It is going to take some time, hard work, and schooling but in the end it should support you forever.

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