5 Ways To Save On Veterinary Care

5 Ways To Save On Veterinary Care

Pets are expensive on a regular basis, but when they get sick or need routine care, a simple trip to the vet can really add up. Instead of dreading your pets yearly check-up and looking for ways to avoid taking them in for illnesses, read on to discover 5 ways you can save on veterinary care for your animals.

1. Look for low-cost alternatives

Many communities and groups offer low-cost veterinary alternatives for pet owners. Vaccination clinics, reduced cost spaying and neutering and even annual rabies clinics are all gaining popularity throughout the country. These programs are designed to help pet owners get their animals the care they need without breaking the bank. Look at your local community calendar or go online to find programs near you.

2. Try a veterinary school

Veterinary students charge less than vet clinics or animal hospitals. Procedures are performed by students that are overseen by licensed vets, giving the students the experience they need and the pet owner the break in costs they need. It’s a win-win for everyone. You can look online for a school near you and then call for clinic hours.

3. Ask your vet for help

If you go to a caring vet and you can’t afford medical treatment, ask your vet for help. Many offices offer payment plans or special discounts to help regular clients pay for the cost of care. However, this isn’t a universal thing, so be prepared for your vet to turn you down.

4. Look for discounts on prescriptions and medications

There are plenty of websites and alternative pharmacies that offer discounts on the medications and prescriptions your pet needs. Look online for retailers or ask your human pharmacy if they also carry pet products. You’d be surprised how much the markup is in a vets office. A little bit of legwork will save you a ton on prescriptions.

Please note that not all vets will write out prescriptions for products. Some insist you buy the medications from their office because of the profit margin. Ask ahead of time if your vet will give you a prescription to go and if the answer is no, look for a new vet.

5. Look for specials

Just like human doctors, veterinarians often offer a new patient special or a discount on certain procedures throughout the year to help you save on pet care costs. Check out their website and social media page for the best deals.

Finding ways to save on veterinary care costs can help you keep your pet healthy without breaking the bank. Look around your local community and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are your own advocate and if you don’t ask for discounts, none will be given.

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  1. [email protected]

    I know this post is valuable for many people, but as someone who has zero interest in owning a pet I find it somewhat frustrating. Pets can be a wonderful addition to a family, if they can afford them. You should never go into debt, or put yourself in a financially stressful situation because of your pet. These are very practical tips for pet owners, so I’ve passed it onto a few friends of mine. Thanks.

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