5 Ways To Save On Healthy Daily Meals

5 Ways To Save On Healthy Daily Meals

Studies published by the American Dietetic Association reveal that eating food which is lower in calories, fats and cholesterol costs less. This is because not only are calorie laden foods more expensive by weight but their nutritional levels are much lower and therefore their true food value is very low in relation to their cost.

Let’s examine 5 ways to save money on healthy daily meals:

1. Buy Fresh Produce and Get a Rebate

Fresh, whole foods are usually less expensive than pre-packaged foods and a lot healthier as they are free from colorants, flavourants and sweeteners. Buying whole foods will also avoid fats and cholesterol. Certain governmental bodies now make it possible to get a rebate for making healthy food choices when shopping so take advantage of this and stock up.

2. Buy Food and Cook in Bulk

Many foods can be bought in bulk and doing so not only saves money but shopping time too as bulk items only need to be bought every few months, sometimes only twice a year. Buy dry goods like peas, beans and lentils and salt, tomato purees and any other foods with a long shelf life in bulk.

3. Use Coupons and Buy on Sale

You can make a significant saving on your food bill each month by using couponsĀ and buying items on sale. Most stores have regular sales or special prices and shopping during these times can result in a few hundred pounds saved each month. Shopping after festive occasions such as Christmas and Easter can result in additional savings as some products are marked down by as much as a 1/3 of the price the day after.

4. Buy Seasonal Foods

Food bought during its growing season is likely to be much cheaper than food bought at other times of the year. Buying seasonal produce can cost you up to ten times less than it would if you bought it outside its growing season. Scan online resources and become an expert on which foods grow naturally throughout the year. Choose fresh produce in season and pocket the savings.

5. Save on Protein Food

Introduce “meatless” days to your weekly meal preparation and substitute with vegetable-based alternatives such as beans, peas and lentils or cheese and eggs. It is not necessary to eat animal proteins seven days a week and the body and budget will benefit from these fibre-rich, wholesome alternatives.

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