5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Commute

5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Commute

Think about how much time you spend commuting. Between gas, regular vehicle maintenance or may even train tickets, you’re not only wasting a lot of time, but also money. Reducing the cost of your commute can make your job seem more beneficial while also reducing the stress you experience thinking about the time and money you spend getting to and from work.

Read on to discover 5 ways to reduce the cost of your commute.

Change your work hours

Instead of traveling during rush hour, try traveling during off-peak times. Start your day earlier or stay later to reduce the time you spend commuting by up to half. As an added bonus, by reducing idling time, you’ll also reduce wasted fuel and save money on gas. Hitting your brake pedal less will put less wear on your brakes and tires and even your cooling system will feel a little relief from spending a little extra time getting to and from work.

Consolidate your working days

Instead of going into the office for five 8-hour work days, try doing 4 10-hour work days. You’ll hardly notice the difference, but you’ll get 3 days off instead of 2 and it’ll be one less day you have to battle traffic, buy gas and complete the dreaded commute. Reducing your work days can cut costs and time spent by up to 20%.

If you can’t consolidate your working days, maybe you can work from home one or two days a week. Working from home involves logging into office systems via the internet and completing your work from your home base. This eliminates the commute all together on those days without reducing the amount of work you can complete.

Carpool with co-workers or friends that live & work nearby

A majority of workers travel alone, which is an awful lot of wasted gas and extra cars on the road. Hitching a ride with a friend will not only lower your costs, but it will also reduce your stress. You’ll find that the commute passes more quickly when you have someone to chat with and share the stress of the drive.

Use mass transit if it’s available

This option definitely won’t save time, but it will save money and it may even reduce your stress. As an added bonus, you’ll have your full travel time to devote to something else, like reading a book you enjoy, eating breakfast, doing a morning puzzle or listening to your favorite pod cast.

Bike to work

If you’re lucky enough to live near where you work, you can save a ton of money by biking to work. Not only will you save on gas and vehicle maintenance, you’ll also get in a good workout, which can help relieve stress after a hard day. Many bikers also enjoy the thrill of pedaling past idle cars during rush hour traffic.

Finding ways to save on your daily commute will not only keep your wallet fatter, it will also help you maintain your sanity. Nobody likes getting stuck in rush-hour traffic on the way to work, but with a little creativity, you can enjoy a much more pleasant commuting experience.

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  1. [email protected]

    Might I offer another suggestion? “Move closer to where you work.” My commute is 5 minutes driving, 15 minutes biking and I’m committed to never having a long commute. I don’t know when we became content to spend 30-45 minutes each day driving to work, but it has to stop. It will be better for you as an individual and good for our earth as you burn less fossil fuels.

  2. Mel @ brokeGIRLrich

    I would love to consolidate my workdays. I used to work for a cruise line where you would do 4 months straight of work and then have 1-2 months straight off. I actually kind of liked that structure. I also feel that buckling down for longer stretches lets you focus more on what you’re trying to get done and the carrot of a longer break dangling in front of you is a terrific motivator.

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