5 Step Guide To Shopping With Coupons

5 Step Guide To Shopping With Coupons

Are you embarrassed about going to the register with a coupon or two or ten even? There is no shame in paying with coupons. It’s not like it used to be. Times have changed. We’re in difficult economic times and coupons are an excellent way to save a few bucks. Coupons are making a comeback so why not hop on the bandwagon and save some dough too?

Not familiar with the whole coupon thing? Well read on because you’ll be shopping smarter in no time if you follow this 5 step guide to shopping with coupons.

1. Make A List

Before you head out on a shopping trip – make a list. This will help prevent you from overspending. It does you no good to bring a few coupons if you end up filling up your cart with items you never intended to buy.

2. Check Your Mail

Your mail carrier delivers coupons and savings to your doorstep on a daily basis. Rather than throwing away this “junk” mail, look through it for good deals. Base your grocery store shopping list on which items are on sale. Fruits and vegetables are seasonal, so learn from the circular what items are cheap and when. This means that certain months you’ll be eating lots of strawberries while other months you’ll be feasting on mangos.

3. Sign Up For Newsletters

I know, who needs more email, right? But this is the best way to get coupons delivered straight to your inbox. Email providers like gmail can now automatically sort your mail and put newsletters into their own category so they won’t clutter up your inbox any more. You can save some good moolah if you only buy things when they go on sale or when you have a coupon. Several times a year the big department stores have sales and the only way you’ll find out about it is via email.

4. Look Online For Promo Codes

Before you buy anything – either at the store or online – look for a coupon online first. One such site to find “promo codes” is retailmenot.com. Check there first before you buy something and you’ll definitely save a few bucks. Most of the time you’ll find a generic 15% off coupon or at the very least free shipping. Enter the coupon code into the appropriate box during checkout to see your savings. Sometimes there’s even printed coupons you can use in the store. Just show the cashier the coupon from your smartphone and they’ll scan it to give you credit.

5. Earn Rewards For Shopping

Imagine if you could be rewarded for spending money. Well it’s true nowadays. Most stores have a rewards program which is free to sign up for. The more you spend the more you earn. But don’t stop being rewarded there. Use your rewards credit card, rather than cash, to rack up the points as well. Before you know it you’ll have enough rewards points to turn them into a nice bonus.

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  1. ruth

    I have always had a hard time shopping with coupons because of the fact that I always lose them, or forget to bring them with me to the store, so I like the idea of getting online promo codes. I am going to start doing that one.

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