5 Hidden Costs Of Weight Loss

5 Hidden Costs Of Weight Loss

With the new year in full effect, many people are resolving to lose weight. Weight loss can lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle and can even prolong your life expectancy. Obesity in itself is expensive due to increased costs of clothing and medical care, however losing weight isn’t cheap either. Read on to discover 5 hidden costs of weight loss.

1. Diet supplements

For people struggling to lose weight, dietary supplements are often the first place they turn. Everyone wants to pop a pill and magically become skinny, but unfortunately those pills aren’t always effective or cheap. Depending on the product, you can spend as much as $45 per bottle, with each bottle containing a measly 30-day supply.

2. Diet programs

In addition to dietary supplements, the battle of the bulge drives many people to invest in costly diet programs like P90X or Weight Watchers. These programs aren’t cheap, but many people justify the cost by the perceived reward. One-time fees aren’t nearly as bad as the programs that require you to buy special foods, like Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, however many people swear by these types of diets.

3. Exercise equipment

Part of losing weight is increasing physical activity. Most people like to have the convenience of working out in their own homes, so they turn to expensive exercise equipment. A treadmill can cost hundreds of dollars while home gym systems easily run over $1,000. To save money, try looking on Craigslist or other used goods sites for other people’s gently used equipment.

4. Gym memberships

If you don’t want to work out at home, you’ll probably need to join a gym. Gym memberships vary by cost depending on where you live, but even the most inexpensive gym will cost you at least $120 a year. Luckily, some health plans will reimburse the cost of a gym membership, giving you back some of what you initially spent.

5. Books

In lieu of a personal trainer, many people turn to books to get the advice they need to make healthy eating choices. Some diets, such as Atkins or the Zone diet offer books to teach you the ins and outs of the diet. While some diet books are available through your local library, if you want constant access to the book for longer than the lending period, you’ll have to pony up the cash and buy it. Try looking for used books online or at a used book store to get the best deal on the titles you want the most.

Losing weight will lead to a healthier body and a longer life, but unfortunately every weight loss plan has costs associated with it. Get creative and find ways to minimize the costs while maximizing the weight loss to have a healthier body and a healthier wallet.

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  1. krantcents

    Intellectually, weight loss should mean eating less calories and more activity. Eating less should mean less food which translates into a lower food bill. In most cases, stop eating out and eating too much. Second, increased activity can be as little as walking for 30 minutes. In other words, you can spend less!

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