4 Ways To Save Hundreds On Contact Lenses

4 Ways To Save Hundreds On Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are preferred by a lot of people, but unfortunately, most vision insurance doesn’t cover disposable lenses. If you’re looking at paying for your lenses out of pocket, take a look at the following 4 ways to save hundreds of dollars on contact lenses.

Shop around

Look online, ask at your eye doctor and browse the big-box stores to find the lowest prices on your preferred brand of contact lenses. There are numerous online sites that offer discount contacts, but prices between sites fluctuates greatly. When calculating costs of ordering online, be sure to take into account all costs including shipping.

If you don’t want to do the leg work of looking at and comparing various contact lens sites, you can always use a comparison site that finds the highest and lowest prices on your favorite brands of lenses.

Compare the cost per box, not the total cost

Some sites offer discounts when you order multiple boxes of contacts at a time. Take advantage of this by stocking up on a full year’s supply and getting your lenses for less. Many times, coupon codes are only good for larger orders, so by ordering in bulk, you maximize your discount opportunities.

Not only will you maximize your discounts, you’ll also minimize the hassle by not needing to remember to buy more contacts any time soon. Besides that, you’re unlikely to see your eye doctor more than once a year, so you don’t have to worry about your prescription changing before your lenses expire.

Check the expiration date on the lenses as soon as they arrive

This is a good tip for any healthcare product purchase. Make sure the expiration date is far enough in the future that you can realistically use the product before it expires. Some discount sites offer lenses with less life left as a way of saving money. If you get lenses that are about to expire or expire within a year, call the company you purchased them from and ask for a replacement. Many will change the lenses out for you with little hassle.

Shop with a reputable site, but not necessarily the biggest ones

The sites that spend the most money burning their name into your memory need to recover the advertising costs by charging more for their products. Rather than falling for clever advertising, do your research and buy from a less well-known, but still reputable site.

A little bit of research and work can save you hundreds of dollars each year on contact lenses. Find the best bargain you can and stock up with a year’s worth of lenses to see clearly for less money all year long.

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