3 Great Job Options for the Full-Time Student

3 Great Job Options for the Full-Time Student

Unless you have wealthy parents or a full-ride scholarship, chances are you are going to need some money to get you through your college years.

There is the option of a credit card, but you run the risk of finishing school with a massive credit card debt to go nicely with your student loans.

One way to pay the bills, and have a few extra bucks, is to take on a part-time job. Yes, it can be exhausting to work and study, but there are a few job options that come with benefits that go above and beyond the financial.

Let’s take a look at 3 of them:

Service industry

Okay, we know that this isn’t a great revelation as far as job options go for students, but for those of you who have passed up on the idea, you may want to think again. One of the biggest benefits of working in a bar (assuming you are of legal age) or restaurant is that management regularly turn to students to fill their open jobs.

The benefit for you here is that they are likely to be willing to accommodate your class and study schedule, assuming that it’s not too problematic. You are working in a tip driven industry, which means you will have cash in your pocket every time you work. Play your cards right, and you may even find a job that offers a shift meal as a bonus, which means not having to eat ramen noodles for a few days out of the week.


More and more people are taking to the internet in order to make money, and those folks need skilled people to help them achieve their goals. There are all kinds of different micro gig sites out there now that allow you to sell your services for a set fee. This is a great way to make some extra money, and you can choose or pass on jobs depending on how busy your schedule is.

If you are in school studying something like marketing or graphic design, freelancing is a great way to test your skills and build up a portfolio as you go. You may not get rich overnight, but you can definitely make a very steady income that pays the bills.

Seasonal work

If you simply cannot devote the time to work while you are in school, why not make some money when you are out? Taking a summer job allows you to make some money while school is out.

If you don’t mind traveling, why not check out resorts that hire student for the season? They pay good money, and will often have accommodations set up for their seasonal staff. You get a room for the summer, rent free, and get to make some money that will help see you through the coming semester. This is almost like having a summer holiday while you work to pay the bills.

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