3 Easy Ways To Save On Cell Phone Bills

3 Easy Ways To Save On Cell Phone Bills

It’s a fact that in recent years cell phone bills have exploded. What was once a luxury item is now considered by many to be their primary forms of communication. Much more than just simple phones, today’s cell phones can make calls, send text messages, take pictures and even surf the net. The all-in-one devices come with a hefty price tag as well.

If you’re looking for ways to save on your cell phone bills take a look at these tips to discover some easy ways that you can trim your bill for a happier relationship with your wireless device.

Cut your plan down where you can

Take a look at your wireless bill and see how many minutes you really use. Check out your data usage, look at your text messages and really analyze how you use your phone. Many people have unlimited plans, but don’t use their phones nearly enough to justify it.

If you find that you have a primary mode that you use your phone, such as texting or data, see if you can find a plan that you can change to that’s heavy on your favorite communication method and light on the ones you don’t use so much. If you rarely pick up the phone to call someone, choose a plan with few minutes and more data.

Consider ditching your brand name carrier

You will be surprised to find how much you pay for just a name. If you’re working with one of the big names like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. you’re paying for the name. Look into no name brands like Straight Talk, Virgin or other pre-pay plans to get the same service you’re used to for half the price. Some pre-pay plans even use the big brand name networks, so you don’t have to compromise quality for price.

Look into employer discounts

If you have an email address through your employer, you may be eligible for a discount on your cell phone. Big companies usually offer discounts with brand name carriers that can range from 15 to 30 percent or more. Taking advantage of these discounts doesn’t mean that your employer will automatically be clued into your usage, it’s just a perk that’s offered as a way of incentivizing employees to join their company. Take advantage of these discounts while you can and get grandfathered in before they disappear.

These simple tips can help you save significant money on your cell phone bill. Take advantage of one, two or all three to take your cell phone bill down and save money on your monthly expenses.

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  1. John Wedding

    You can also request that your carrier block purchases through your cell phone plan. Keeps you (or your kids, if you have them and you let them use your phone) from making unintended purchases.

  2. Edwin C

    That’s a good tip too, thanks for sharing.

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