5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Commute

10 | Jan | 2014 Comments Saving , ,


Think about how much time you spend commuting. Between gas, regular vehicle maintenance or may even train tickets, you’re not only wasting a lot of time, but also money. Reducing the cost of your commute can make your job seem more beneficial while also reducing the stress you experience thinking about the time and money you spend getting to and from work.

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How To Negotiate Hospital Bills

27 | Dec | 2013 Comments Saving ,


Whether or not you have health insurance, you may find yourself in a situation where your hospital bills are more than you can afford. Something as simple as giving birth can have co-pays of over $1000 and major conditions seem to have no cost limit. With the outrageous price of healthcare and a system that is showing no signs of reducing expenses, it’s important to know how to negotiate your hospital bills to avoid medical bankruptcy.

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4 Ways To Save Hundreds On Contact Lenses

07 | Dec | 2013 Comments Saving ,


Contact lenses are preferred by a lot of people, but unfortunately, most vision insurance doesn’t cover disposable lenses. If you’re looking at paying for your lenses out of pocket, take a look at the following 4 ways to save hundreds of dollars on contact lenses.

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5 Ways To Save On Veterinary Care

25 | Nov | 2013 Comments Saving ,


Pets are expensive on a regular basis, but when they get sick or need routine care, a simple trip to the vet can really add up. Instead of dreading your pets yearly check-up and looking for ways to avoid taking them in for illnesses, read on to discover 5 ways you can save on veterinary care for your animals.

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3 Ways To Live Without A Credit Card


Credit cards have become a normal part of life. There are even merchants that no longer accept cash or checks now, such as airlines, hotels and car rental agencies. If you don’t qualify for a credit card or are committed to living a debt-free life, you may find yourself having trouble living without the plastic.

Read on to discover 3 ways to live without a credit card.

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4 Ways Not To Ask Your Boss For A Raise

24 | Oct | 2013 Comments Business ,


If you want to save more money so you can invest and grow your assets, you can either save more of what’s left of your income after you pay off expenses and liabilities or you can seek to grow your income. While most people can understand the former, most don’t see that the latter is also a viable option. You only need to ask your boss for a raise the right way.

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