Sponsored Video: Family Owned Businesses

Most small businesses in the U.S. are family owned. Having a family business is great because you can employ some relatives who are out of work and you can trust them more than you can trust a complete stranger. With personal relationships at play, it’s not that easy though to keep the harmony all the… Continue Reading

8 Vital Ways To Save Money On Gas

8 Vital Ways To Save Money On Gas

Whether you’re headed off on a road trip to celebrate the summer or you just want to cut back on your commuting expenses, saving money on gas is a great way to keep the green in your pocket where it belongs. One option is to buy gas on the weekend when prices are shown to… Continue Reading

Turning The Tables On The Credit Card Companies

Taking Advantage Of Credit Cards

Credit cards get a bad rap. After all, they can cause everything from bad credit scores to bankruptcy. According to the latest data the average household carries over $15,000 in credit card debt. With the average interest rate of credit cards being 13%, that’s a lot of money being spent on interest charges. But when utilized effectively, credit cards… Continue Reading

Top Personal Finance Posts From July ’14

My Favorite Personal Finance Posts This Month

Here were my favorite blog posts from the personal finance blogosphere for July. Check them out! Saving How A Smartphone Can Make You A Savvy Consumer by The Write Budget Fun (Cheap) Things To Do In NYC by Blonde And Balanced Building An Emergency Isn’t As Annoying As You Think by Frugal Confessions How Budget Leaks Cause Financial… Continue Reading

7 Super Simple Ways To Build Your Credit

7 Super Simple Ways To Build Your Credit

Unfortunately, credit is something that you just can’t live without these days. If you want to buy a house, for example, unless you’re Warren Buffet you’ll need to have a solid credit profile. If you’re young and want to get a loan for a car, you can’t do it unless you already have a credit history. If… Continue Reading

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