3 Financial Steps Young Adults Must Take


You’ve finished school and you’re finally out on your own. Sure, you had a part-time job as a student, but really you were financially supported by your parents (or maybe even student loans for college). To some extent, that requires you to learn money-management. But your financial situation was probably never truly dire. Now, though,… Continue Reading

5 Ways You Can Invest Your Tax Refund


When you think of investing money, you normally think about the return on your investment. When it comes to investing, you have to remember that higher the risk of the investment, the higher the return. If you’ve received a tax refund this year, you might be wondering where you can invest your money. Here are a… Continue Reading

7 Income Streams Anyone Can Create


Lets face it, the days of having one job your whole life, retiring and receiving a nice pension are gone. For years our parents and grandparents put their hearts and souls into companies looking forward to their retirement date. Unfortunately, that type of job security is long gone and it’s more important than ever to… Continue Reading

Store Credit Cards: The Pros And Cons

Store Credit Cards: The Pros And Cons

You’re at the checkout counter at your favorite department store and the clerk asks if you’d like to open a store card. You hesitate. They sweeten the deal by offering you 15 percent off your purchase. What do you do? Here in this post I’ll provide an unbiased view on store credit cards. Store credit… Continue Reading

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